Updated July 2014

The Mitchell 5th and 6th floor workrooms are difficult to keep clean. We ask that you file paper records in the chart, store EKG’s in your pocket or the chart, and discard old food and beverage containers upon finishing them.

If the workrooms require attention such as vacuuming or change of a garbage bag, please contact one of the EVS managers below. You can also call the Support Services Center at ext. 5-5537 (option #2) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for service at any time.


The following are the shift managers as of July 17, 2014. If you are unable to reach them, you may find pager 4511 is the best means to get a response.


Please feel free to page them if there are supplies that are out or you need something else they can provide (e.g. waste removal, unexpected clean up, etc.).

For all major issues, feel free to use text-paging.

Cleaning Schedule:

TC 545 aka 5th floor workroom
11pm – 1am

TC 603 aka 6th floor workroom
11pm – 1am

If you’re working then and really can’t leave the room, please work with EVS to let them know when they can return. Otherwise the room won’t get cleaned.

If you have other concerns about the cleaning schedule or services, please contact the Chief Residents.