ED Rotation Service Rules

Updated 9/2015

Please click HERE, login, then click on “ER Service Rules” on the left-hand side to access the ED provided service rules, external rotator’s guide and the schedule through the ED Amion.  Note that you will be required to enter your CNET ID and password through Chalk as these resources are password protected.


General Guidelines

As you know, the number of medicine housestaff assigned to the Emergency Department changes monthly. In the 2014-5 year, we have attempted to better balance our program’s assignment of IM interns and residents to the ED’s larger pool of resident shifts.

The following guidelines and the schedules assigned by the ED team were set to provide housestaff with a valuable experience while remaining compatible with the overall staffing needs of the Emergency Department.


Orientation to the rotation will be provided during the first shift of the rotation by the Senior EM resident on the North Side (beds 1-12). Please find this person at the start of your first shift, and let them know you need orientation. Residents should wear scrubs or professional dress while in the ED.

Workflow and Supervision

Medicine interns in ED generally work on the North Side (beds 1-12) with some flexibility. The PGY1 should sign into the ER MITCHELL environment in Epic on arrival. S/he should check in with the senior resident and sign up for patients as they arrive.

Generally, PGY1’s see new patients independently and present new patients directly to the ED attending. However, the senior resident is responsible for knowing all the patients on the North Side, stabilizing high acuity patients, and assisting interns with procedures. The intern should not hesitate to find the senior resident and/or ED attending for acutely ill patients needing urgent/emergent stabilization.

There is also a teaching resident available in the ED during the busiest hours. This resident is also available for supervising procedures.


As of June 2013 and with the adoption of the “4+2” system, there will be no clinic for interns during their ED rotation.


All medicine residents rotating through the ED are expected to attend the ED Lecture series that occurs from 7am to noon in L168 each Wednesday morning when they are scheduled for the Wednesday morning shift. The weekly lecture schedule is posted in the ED.

Medicine PGY1s are expected to attend intern report at 12:30 PM on Mondays if you are working in the ED at the time. Please let the Senior ED resident at the start of the Monday shift in order for them to plan.


Medicine residents and interns that rotate through the ED will be scheduled with a larger pool of rotators in the ED. The ED Chief Residents in conjunction with Dr. Chrissy Babcock clear all schedule requests related to the ED.

They assign schedules for our IM house officers and will distribute the password for their Amion account.