• PCG in-basket should be attached to “trio” members at all times.
  • CHC “trio” members should alert one another if/when someone needs to check their in-basket.
  • Paperwork will have coverage system with intern/resident on the “+2” doing paperwork for trio members when they are on the “4.”
  • Attending MD support (person to contact in between clinic visits for questions) is listed beneath your name.
  • Your nurses are listed underneath your name.
Clinic Firm “Trios” 2016-17 Firm A Firm B Firm C
Core Faculty Leader Cotts Oyler W Lee
Chief Resident Leader Tannenbaum Lee Bassi
PGY3 Clinic Leader  E MacKenzie D Farrington D Kopelman
PGY2 Clinic Leader  D Tehrani M McKinnon/Z Lonjers L Lee
PGY3 Chandiramani, A Fletcher, M Deshmukh, A/Zhu, L
PGY3 Kiraly, C Giovanni, S Dia, A
PGY3 MacKenzie, E Gupta, N Frogge, N
PGY3 Reyes Genere, J Han, S Kopelman, D
PGY3 Sridharan, A Tomal, J Leukam, M
Attg Miller, D Oyler, J Altkorn, D
Nursing Booker/Robinson Dismukes/Puente Packnett/Hagans
PGY3 Watson, D Weiss, M/ Bukari, A Shi, S
PGY3 Zhang, D Yu, D Weber, B/ Patel, C
PGY3 Bhatia, A Farrington, D/ Lodhia, N Anyanwu, E
Attg Anderson, I Schwartz, M* Lee, Wei Wei
Nursing Booker/Robinson Dismukes/Puente Packnett/Hagans
PGY2 Cui, M Boyle, M Belkin, M
PGY2 Haman, G Cleveland, N Bacalao, M
PGY2 Pearson, S Davies, A Charney, K
PGY2 Jones, B Feld, L Lee, L
PGY2 Mehta, P Gray, S Lee, A
Attg Blackman, D Terras, M Rusieki, J
Nursing Booker/Robinson Dismukes/Puente Packnett/Hagans
PGY2/3 Catlett, S McKinnon, M Silverman, E
PGY2 Wenger, H Wali, E Stahlbaum, D
PGY2 Piscitello, G Lonjers, Z Muller, C
PGY2 Plonka, C Harris, R Nnanabu, J
PGY2 Tehrani, D Reizine, N Patel, P
PGY2 Thoburn, A Saha, T Shappell, C
Attg Stern, T Laiteerapong, N Cifu, A
Nursing Booker/Robinson Dismukes/Puente Packnett/Hagans
PGY1 Bermea, R Bindon, B Feenstra, S
PGY1 Browning, K Cahill, K Gampa, A
PGY1 Cheng, M Fernandez del Castillo, F Hawking, M
PGY1 Choudhury, N Frohne, C Houpy, J
PGY1 de la Pena, A Joseph, A Koo, G
Attg Cotts, K Lebovitz, D Glick, S
Nursing Booker/Robinson Dismukes/Puente Packnett/Hagans
PGY1 Fernandes, C Katz, J Kothari, S
PGY1 Hagopian, H Kling, K Llano, E
PGY1 Marginean, A Meza, D Rouhani, S
PGY1 Munroe, E Osafo, N Sun, J
PGY1 Porter, J Shamaa, O Tapaskar, N
PGY1 Vohra, A Swei, E Wagner, T/Wojcik, E
Attg Vinci, L Hong, A / Alexander, J Kurtz, P
Nursing Booker/Robinson Dismukes/Puente Packnett/Hagans
CHC PGY3 Masters, M
CHC PGY3 Alonso, A
CHC PGY3 Desai, N
CHC PGY2 Neborak, J
Attg Pincavage – Core faculty