Please make sure to sign your group’s pager over and send a quick text page to the resident you’re taking over for at

8:00am on the first day of your coverage block.

Firm A = ONE1 (6631)
Firm B= DOS2 (3672)
Firm C = TREY (8739)
** If someone calls for a med-peds resident and accidentally gets sent to you please have them page the med-peds
** I recommend asking at the beginning which PCP is related to the call. If it is an attending, direct them to page that
Here’s a brief summary of the guidelines for those of you who haven’t covered the pager before:

1. You will receive a long string of numbers as a page. The first 10 are the number for the answering service that you need to call back. The last several are your access code.
2. Pages should be returned within 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you will receive a second page from the call center. If the second page is not returned, the page will be directed to the attending on call (which we would like to avoid).
3. The ACGME requires 4 days off per month completely free of patient care duties, so please ask someone in your group to cover the pager on your days off only if you are planning to cover the pager while on an inpatient service.
4. Documentation of all phone discussions is imperative. Try to have a pen and paper available so that you can write down the patient’s name, DOB and PCP and then e-mail a brief summary of the phone encounter to the PCP and document in EPIC via phone encounter (open and close the encounter). The ambulatory chief receives a copy of the previous night’s call logs every day, so if you ever want to verify the name and DOB of a patient let me know and I can forward you a copy of the call log.
5. General guidelines for telephone call:

  • You should have a lower threshold to refer patients to the ED because it can be difficult to assess severity of symptoms/stability over the phone
  • If a patient needs an Urgent Care appointment, they can be made as follows:
    • Patients can call the PCG schedule line @ 773-702-6840
    • You can e-mail; e-mails to pcg.schedule are checked at least once every hour Mon-Fri
    • If an appointment is urgently needed, you can page Deb White at 6015 from 8am-5pm on Mon-Fri
  • NEVER prescribe narcotics over the phone (this includes Vicodin, T3 and Ultram)
  • If prescribing medications, always ask about allergies and other meds (i.e. OCPs and coumadin when giving antibiotics)
  • If you have questions regarding management of a patient, you can page the attending on call for help (Medchiefs website, click Ambulatory, go to Firm/ATG, click on Attending Call Schedule).