Updated 12/15/16
Welcome to the Transitions Team! Below is a summary of the T-Team structure.

  1. Service Structure
    1. Team structure
      1. 3 residents, 1 psych intern, +/- 1 sub-intern
      2. Each resident will act as primary physician for the patients admitted on his or her call day, but residents should also be prepared to act as “megateam” for coverage on days off and during protected pre-call time
    2. Admitting
      1. 16 total team cap, each resident may admit as many as four patients per day up to a maximum census of 6 patients per resident
      2. Q3 admitting cycle
      3. Admissions occur between 7am and 6pm
      4. Admissions will be triaged to the T-Team just as General Medicine through the 9100 Triage MD
    3. Cross Coverage
      1. The call resident will sign over all T team patients to the cardiology NF team at 8pm. When the onc NF resident has a night off, the call resident can sign over to the cardiology night team. Other T team residents not on call sign over to the call resident +/- sub-I/psych intern when work is complete.