MERITS: Medical Education Research, Innovation, Teaching and Scholarship

The MERITS Fellowship & Training Programs in Medical Education will provide participating residents with the conceptual and practical skills required for successful future careers as medical education scholars and leaders. The goal of MERITS is to develop educational leaders and scholars through:

  • Participation in a focused medical education curriculum
  • Participation in Research In Medical Education (RIME) workshops
  • Completion of faculty mentored research projects
  • Active engagement with a rich network of colleagues and faculty in an environment of collaborative learning and support
  • See more, including how to apply and contact information at: MERITS Fellowship Program and Track in Medical Education
  • Residents (rising PGY-2 or those entering their research years) from all disciplines are welcome to apply at this link:

    MERITS 2-year GME Scholars Track Application

MERITS Track Presentation 2020