CEX Policy

  • You may complete these exercises in Urgent Care, continuity clinic, or in the inpatient setting
  • The CEX form needs to be filled out by the observing attending and reviewed with the resident
  • CEX forms are available in the PCG clinic and should be turned into the labeled mailbox in the PCG resident workroom upon completion
  • Requirements by year
    • PGY1s: required to complete 4 (1 CEX in behavioral medicine/clinic, 3 shadows logged in Medhub)
    • PGY2s: required to complete 2 shadows (logged in Medhub)
    • PGY3s: required to complete 2 CEX forms


2018-19 CEX Log: Link to CEX Form

Class Last Name First Name CEX
PGY3 Osofa Arhin Nina
PGY3 Bermea Rene
PGY3 Bindon Brittany
PGY3 Browning Keely
PGY3 Cahill Kirk
PGY3 Cheng Mike
PGY3 Choudhury Noura
PGY3 de la Pena Anthony
PGY3 Feenstra Sarah
PGY3 Fernandes Christopher
PGY3 Fernandez del Castillo Felipe
PGY3 Frohne Christopher
PGY3 Gampa Amulya
PGY3 Hagopian Raffi
PGY3 Hawking Michael
PGY3 Houpy Jennifer
PGY3 Joseph-Stahl Anupama
PGY3 Katz Joshua
PGY3 Kling Kendall
PGY3 Koo Grace
PGY3 Kthari Shawn
PGY3 Llano Ernesto
PGY3 Marginean Alexandru
PGY3 Meza Daniel
PGY3 Munroe Elizabeth
PGY3 Porter Justin
PGY3 Shamaa Obada
PGY3 Stob Elzbieta
PGY3 Sun Julia
PGY3 Swei Eric
PGY3 Tapaskar Natalie
PGY3 Vohra Adam

Last updated 06/2018