• PCG in-basket should be attached to “trio” members at all times.
  • CHC “trio” members should alert one another if/when someone needs to check their in-basket.
  • Paperwork will have coverage system with intern/resident on the “+2” doing paperwork for trio members when they are on the “4.”
  • Attending MD support (person to contact in between clinic visits for questions) is listed beneath your name.
  • Your nurses are listed underneath your name.
Clinic Firm “Trios” 2018-19 Firm A Firm B Firm C
Core Faculty Leader Cotts, K Oyler, J/Pincavage, A Lee, W
Chief Resident Leader David Tehrani Marie McKinnon Sarah Gray and Lauren Feld
PGY3 Clinic Leader
PGY2 Clinic Leader
Firm APN Clark, J Greenspoon, S Mack, P
PGY3 Bermea, R Bindon, B Feenstra, S
PGY3 Browning, K Cahill, K Gampa, A
PGY3 Cheng, M Fernandez del Castillo, F Hawking, M
PGY3 Choudhury, N Frohne, C Houpy, J
PGY3 de la Pena, A Joseph, A Koo, G
Attg Cotts, K Liebovitz, D Ari, M
Nursing Booker/Hagans Booker/Hagans Booker/Hagans
PGY3 Fernandes, C Katz, J Kothari, S
PGY3 Hagopian, R Kling, K Llano, E^
PGY3 Marginean, A Meza, D Wojcik-Stob, E*^
PGY3 Munroe, E Osafo Arhin, Nina Sun, J^
PGY3 Porter, J Shamaa, O Tapaskar, N^
PGY3 Vohra, A Swei, E Wagner, T^
Attg Vinci, L Alexander, J Krishnamurthy, R
Nursing Booker/Hagans Booker/Hagans Booker/Hagans
PGY2 Brummel, K Ingolia, G Khanna, S
PGY2 Cooperrider, J Bharmal, M Klauer, N
PGY2 Diep, B Kanelidis, A Labadie, B
PGY2 Donnelly, E Li, B Lattell, J
PGY2 Goens, D Lin, A Yates, T
Attg Miller, D Schwartz, M Altkorn, D
Nursing O’Donoghue/Westbrook O’Donoghue/Westbrook O’Donoghue/Westbrook
PGY2 Maranzano, M Maldonado, M Miller, C
PGY2 Mazzone, S Oshinsky, C Paknikar, S
PGY2 Reimer, K Serritella, A McDonald, B*
PGY2 Scheidemantle, B Wilson, W Roth, H
PGY2 Wey, H Ortiz-Worthington, R Wang, W
PGY2 Pyzer, A/Petropulos, P Odenwald, M Halper-Stromberg, A
Attg Anderson, I Oyler, J Lee, W
Nursing O’Donoghue/Westbrook O’Donoghue/Westbrook O’Donoghue/Westbrook
PGY1 Smith-Nuñez, A^ Dolezal, J Wiest, K
PGY1 Dowd, J^ Prescott, K Miller, T
PGY1 McMillan, R^ Faust, N Leonhard, A
PGY1 Naureckas, P^ Hareza, D/Hines, J Carter, S
PGY1 Das, A^ Ajmani, G Wang, D
Attg Tung, E Pincavage, A Rusiecki, J
Nursing Dismukes/Williams, P Dismukes/Williams, P Dismukes/Williams, P
PGY1 Nath, J Naik, A Jacobs, M
PGY1 Kim, S Weber, J Rearick, C
PGY1 Obuobi, S Daily, E Adeduntan, R
PGY1 Suresh, R Thomas, J Zafer, M
PGY1 Mistry, N Waytz, J Dreyer, M
PGY1 Treger, J Young, L Goldenberg, J
Attg Stern, T Laiterapong, N Cifu, A
Nursing Dismukes/Williams, P Dismukes/Williams, P Dismukes/Williams, P
* New Resident Trio

New resident attending pair

**New Resident RN pair