Start Date 1st Jeopardy 2nd Jeopardy 3rd Jeopardy
6/24/2019 Westrich Solomon Klarr
7/8/2019 Smith Folz Kong
7/22/2019 Solomon Notardonato Tyker
8/5/2019 L.He Alban Sawicki
8/19/2019 Georginis Martinez Escala Hutchison
9/2/2019 D. Gold Dugan Westerich
9/16/2019 M.Gold K. Karani Sawicki
9/30/2019 Gomez Schadler Fernandez
10/14/2019 Kong Schiller Vazquez
10/28/2019 Tran Lee Gandhi
11/11/2019 Saldana Anderson Martinez Escala
11/25/2019 Rojek Czapar Durazo
12/9/2019 R.Karani Folz Acosta
12/23/2019 Fernandez Hutchison Georginis
1/6/2020 Drapekin Tran L. He
1/20/2020 Dugan Mathias Lu
2/3/2020 Anderson Klarr Saldana
2/17/2020 Wu Alban M. Gold
3/2/2020 Gandhi Schiller Guo
3/16/2020 Tyker Greene Drapekin
3/30/2020 Lu Acosta G. He
4/13/2020 Vazquez Rojek Smith
4/27/2020 G. He Schadler Wu
5/11/2020 Czapar K.Karani R.Karani
5/25/2020 Lee Mathias Notardonato
6/8/2020 Guo D. Gold Gomez


Rotating Queue – INTERN Jeopardy Policy

  • Jeopardy is called in order (1st, 2nd, then 3rd)
  • After you have missed two or more days† of your regular scheduled rotation, you go to the end of the queue (i.e. 1st -> 3rd).
  • “Two days” is defined as 2 days of inpatient service, 1 night of NF, 4 half-days of clinic, or 2 ED shifts.
    • Example 1: You are jeopardized to cover Gens-I on Monday, and you then cover an ED shift on Tuesday. You now move to the back of the jeopardy queue
  • However, if jeopardized, you will cover the service for the duration of that need. We need to maintain continuity.
    • Example 2: You are jeopardized to Cards-I because your colleague has appendicitis. Your colleague is out for one week. You stay on Cards for the entire week. Once your colleague returns, you move to the end of the queue.

Other Reminders

  • Please keep your pager with you at ALL times during your jeopardy block.
  • If paged, you are expected to respond within 15 minutes and be prepared to be in the hospital within 1 hour.
  • You must NOT go out of town during jeopardy.
  • Please note your obligations begin at 8am on the first day of your block and last until 8am the first day of the next block.
  • Schedule switches:
    • Preference is still for full block switches
    • Residents should first attempt to identify a full block switch before looking into partial coverage
    • Partial block coverage must be provided by the same covering resident
    • The covering resident cannot have any other duties during that time (including clinic or MIOCs).
    • Residents are responsible for finding their own jeopardy coverage but should run proposed coverage plans by the chiefs.
  • Do not schedule Step 3, ACLS recertification, etc. during jeopardy