To Review Prior Morning Reports:

Prior morning reports are all uplaoded to CANVAS. You should have been invited to this. If you lost your invitation, please let one of the current chiefs know. To sign in use your hospital email address that the invitation was sent to, and not your CNET ID. When you sign in, you should automatically be taken to the current modules, where you will have access to all prior morning reports.


2019-2020 Morning reports:

Date Resident Topic
7/1/2019 Yates Pancreatitis 2/2 Hypertriglyceridemia and Nephrotic Syndrome
7/3/2019 Faust Ethic of Liver Transplant
7/5/2019 Wang, D Hypoxia
7/8/2019 Naureckas Pyelonephritis
7/10/2019 Kim Pulmonary Embolism
7/11/2019 Hines Dysphagia and Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
7/12/2019 Phillips SLE
7/15/2019 Prescott Vaginal Bleeding and Endometrial Cancer
7/17/2019 Suresh STIs
7/18/2019 Cooperrider Cryptococcal Meningitis
7/19/2019 Smith-Nunez Failure to Thrive
7/22/2019 Ajmani Necrotizing Fasciitis
7/26/2019 Dolezal