To Review Prior Morning Reports:

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2019-2020 Morning reports:

Date Resident Topic
7/1/2019 Yates Pancreatitis 2/2 Hypertriglyceridemia and Nephrotic Syndrome
7/3/2019 Faust Ethic of Liver Transplant
7/5/2019 Wang, D Hypoxia
7/8/2019 Naureckas Pyelonephritis
7/10/2019 Kim Pulmonary Embolism
7/11/2019 Hines Dysphagia and Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
7/12/2019 Phillips SLE
7/15/2019 Prescott Vaginal Bleeding and Endometrial Cancer
7/17/2019 Suresh STIs
7/18/2019 Cooperrider Cryptococcal Meningitis
7/19/2019 Smith-Nunez Failure to Thrive
7/22/2019 Ajmani Necrotizing Fasciitis
7/24/2019 Chiefs Dr. Cart Review
7/25/2019 Chiefs EM-IM: Sickle Cell
7/26/2019 Dolezal Syncope
7/29/2019 Hareza ICD Shocks
7/31/2019 Adeduntan West Nile Virus
8/1/2019 Bharmal Calcineurin Inhibitor Nephrotoxicity 
8/2/2019 Thomas ILD and Methemoglobinemia
8/5/2019 Ingolia ARDS from Influenza and Aspergillus
8/7/2019 Jacobs Endocarditis
8/8/2019 Obuobi Anemia in CKD
8/12/2019 Waytz Choledocholithiasis/Cholangitis
8/14/2019 Miller Dyspnea 2/2 Cardiogenic Shock and COP
8/15/2019 Carter Empyema
8/16/2019 Zafer Obesity
8/19/2019 Donnelly Alzheimer Dementia
8/21/2019 Goldenberg Ethics: VIP Patient
8/22/2019 Rearick Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Myocarditis, Primary Headache
8/26/2019 Wiest DVTs
8/30/2019 Mistry Gout
9/9/2019 Diep Acute Leukemia
9/11/2019 Paknikar Male Breast Cancer
9/12/2019 Serritella Cardiac Sarcoidosis
9/13/2019 Lattell Septic Joint
9/16/2019 Ortiz Worthington Osteoporosis
9/18/2019 Oshinsky Urinary retention and AKI
9/19/2019 Jamil CMML
9/20/2019 Anderson AMS 2/2 Meningitis
9/25/2019 D Wang Hep C Cirrhosis and HCC w/ Intra-peritoneal Bleed
9/26/2019 Maranzano Metastatic Prostate Cancer
9/27/2019 Leonhard Liver Abscess
9/30/2019 Carter Cardiac Sarcoidosis
10/2/2019 Khanna Immunotherapy-Related Myocarditis
10/3/2019 Klauer Vaping Associated Lung Injury
10/4/2019 Lin Dermatomyositis
10/7/2019 Wilson Euglycemic DKA
10/10/2019 Labadie Breast Masses
10/11/2019 McMillan Ethics: Surrogacy Decision Making 
10/14/2019 Kanelidis Unintentional Weight Loss from Medication Side Effect
10/16/2019 Hines Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy
10/17/2019 Bharmal Geriatrics Mini Cases
10/18/2019 Daily Back Pain: Ankylosing Spondylitis
10/21/2019 Weber Secondary Hypertension: Fibromuscular Dysplasia
10/24/2019 Jacobs Alcoholic Hepatitis
10/25/2019 Chukwurah Ischemic Hepatitis
10/28/2019 Young Nephrotic Syndrome
10/30/2019 Miller HLH and Aggressive NK-cell leukemia
10/31/2019 W Wang Fanconi Syndrome
11/1/2019 Mazzone Amyopathic Dermatomyositis
11/4/2019 Maldonado Women’s Health and Insurance Coverage
11/6/2019 Dreyer Fever of Unknown Origin and CMV
11/7/2019 Yates M & M
11/8/2019 Mishra AvNRT
11/11/2019 Georgette Hyponatremia and Shigellosis
11/13/2019 Naureckas Triple Organ Transplant
11/14/2019 Li Pneumonia and new CAP guidelines
11/15/2019 Kim Food Allergy
11/18/2019 Brummel Ethics of Heart Transplantation
11/21/2019 Goens Inpatient and Outpatient HTN Management
11/22/2019 Treger AML
11/25/2019 Kraft Polycythemia Vera
11/27/2019 Hareza HIV
12/2/2019 Paknikar Palliative Care
12/4/2019 Prescott Still’s Disease
12/5/2019 Jumani Scurvy in an ESRD pt
12/6/2019 Ingolia Outpatient Care
12/9/2019 Kanelidis Inferior STEMI and RV failure
12/11/2019 Chiefs Severe Persistent Asthma Chalk Talk
12/12/2019 Zafer (EM/IM) Upper GI Bleed
12/13/2019 Rearick Scrotal Cellulitis and Acute Kidney Injury
12/16/2019 Lattell ANCA Vasculitis
12/17/2019 Schwartz History of Medicine
12/18/2019 D Wang Celiac Disease
12/19/2019 S Kelly SLE with Pericardial Effusion and Pulm HTN
1/2/2020 Cooperrider Primary Mediastinal Large B Cell Lymphoma
1/3/2020 Das Med-Neuro: Anoxic Brain Injury
1/8/2020 Pyzer Women in Medicine: Sexual Harassment in the era of Time’s Up
1/9/2020 Chukwurah Chest pain and Aortic Aneurysm
1/10/2020 Dolezal Ethics of Embryo Selection and Engineering
1/13/2020 Dowd Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis
1/14/2020 Daily Trauma-informed Care
1/15/2020 Ajmani Status Asthmaticus and Mechanical Ventilation
1/16/2020 Khanna Rhabdo 2/2 Influenza
1/17/2020 Wilson M&M
1/22/2020 Serritella Vancomycin-induced Kidney Injury
1/23/2020 Lin Epiglottitis and Complicated Parapneumonic Effusion
1/24/2020 Dr. Cart Review
1/27/2020 Ingolia Tracheal Stenosis
1/29/2020 Obuobi Salmonella and Typhoid Fever
1/30/2020 Roth Thyroid-related Heart Disease
1/31/2020 Leonhard Alopecia and Syphilis 
2/3/2020 Paknikar VT
2/5/2020 McMillan Erectile Dysfunction
2/7/2020 Nath Secondary Amenorrhea
2/10/2020 Diep Ethics of Bloodless Heart Transplant in a Minor
2/11/2020 Brummel Pericardial Effusion
2/13/2020 Mazzone STEMI in a patient with HIV
2/14/2020 Cui Med/Derm: AGEP
2/17/2020 Petropulos HTN
2/18/2020 Chalk Talk SBO and Hypermagnesemia
2/19/2020 Waytz CPC: Blastomycosis
2/20/2020 Li Hepatitis B
2/21/2020 Faust Pancreatitis and TPN
2/24/2020 Chiefs Dr. CART Review
2/26/2020 Hickey Weight Loss in a patient with Down’s Syndrome
2/27/2020 Kanelidis Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis
2/28/2020 Weber Ethical Dilemmas During Drug Shortages
3/2/2020 Goens Ascites
3/6/2020 W Wang Status Epilepticus and Hyponatremia
3/9/2020 Goldenberg Myositis and Liver Injury
3/11/2020 AHD
3/12/2020 Wiest Minimal Change Disease
3/16/2020 Klauer AKI and HIV-associated Nephropathy (HIVAN)
3/18/2020 Sheade Global Health: Indian Health Services
3/19/2020 Phillips COVID-19
3/20/2020 Maranzano M&M
3/23/2020 Donnelly RPGN
3/25/2020 Dr. CART Dr. CART Review
3/27/2020 Treger Cardiac Tamponade
3/30/2020 Anderson Ethylene Glycol Toxicity
4/1/2020 Prescott ARDS / ECMO
4/3/20 Jamil Aortic Dissection
4/6/20 Maldonado Myasthenia Gravis
4/9/20 Bharmal Elder Abuse
4/10/20 Hines Hep B and HCC
4/13/20 Naureckas Ethics in the Time of COVID-19
4/14/20 Waytz Headache and IgG4-related Disease
4/16/20 Roth Tooth Pain
4/17/20 Dreyer Ovarian Cancer
4/20/20 Chiefs Dr. CART – L&D
4/24/20 Mishra Peripheral Vascular Disease
4/27/20 Adeduntan Pituitary Apoplexy
4/28/20 Jacobs Gens Mini Cases
4/29/20 Petropulos Angioedema
4/30/20 Das NSCLC
5/1/20 Chiefs Chalk Talk: Coagulation Cascade
5/4/20 Mistry Hypercalcemia
5/7/20 Naureckas Wernicke Encephalopathy
5/8/20 Dowd
5/11/20 Nath Paraneoplastic Polyarthritis
5/12/20 Dolezal High Altitude Illness
5/13/20 Thomas CPC: CNS Lymphoma
5/14/20 Li Dialysis Access Complications
5/18/20 Faust Acidosis
5/19/20 Kanelidis Back Pain and Cord Compression
5/21/20 Ortiz Worthington WIM: Benign Metastasizing Leiomyoma
5/22/20 Chiefs Dr. CART Review
5/28/20 Petropulos AKI and TLS Mimic