1. To practice critial appraisal of medical literature
  2. To review recent and clinically inmpacting studies in internal medicine
  3. To gain familiarity with research and analytic techniques


Read the following review article: Clinician’s Guide to Medical Statistics

Proposed format of each session

First 10 minutes
  • Brief identification of a clinical problem and 2 relevant articles.
  • Overview of both articles and identification of key questions.
  • Divide into 2 groups, one for each article.
Next 30 minutes
  • Independently read the methods, results, tables, and figures of the manuscript.
  • Small group discussion of methodology, relevant results, and strengths/limitations of the article.
  • Small group discussion of key questions identified at the session’s beginning.
Last 20 minutes
  • Large group compare/contrast article populations, inclusion/exclusion criteria, and other methods.
  • Large group discussion of strengths, limitations, and key questions.
  • Re-address initial clinical problem in light of article discussion.