Resources for the Stats Topics (from Critical Care Journal):

1. Presenting and Summarizing Data
2. Samples and Populations
3. Hypothesis testing and p values
4. Sample Size
5. Comparison of means
6. Correlation and regression
7. Relative Risk and Odds Ratio
8. Kaplan Meier Curve
9. Sensitivity, Specificity, and Receiver Operating Curves
10. Logistic Regression


JAMA Guide to Statistics and Methods (this list will be updated as the articles are released this year):

1. JAMA Guide to Stats and Methods
2. The Intention to Treat Principle


Other helpful links in preparing:

 JAMA Evidence’s “Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature”

    JGIM article on Choosing and Interpreting Statistical Tests

    Kestenbaum: Epidemiology and Biostatistics (e-textbook via UChicago library) – Concise reference for biostatistics

    Chernick: The Essentials of Biostatistics for Physicians, Nurses, and Clinicians (e-textbook via UChicago library) – Another concise reference


Do not hesitate to contact the chiefs and/or Dr. Paesch if you need any help.  Specifically, Dr. Paesch is available to help with  understanding study design and statistical concepts.  She also may be available to come to your Journal Club presentation if you contact her early enough.


Details on accessing JAMA Evidence from home: If you try to access from home computer, laptop, or iPad, you need to turn on the VPN so your computer is recognized as an institutional computer.  Here are the instructions given to the residents in the past for accessing JAMA Evidence:

From a campus computer
From your home computer
A) Turn on VPN (hospital VPN:
B) Go to – Automatically logged in as an institutional user
From your iPad
A) Go to the library website:
B) Type “jamaevidence” in the search box (left side of page, mid-page)
C) Click “full text online”
D) Log in using CNET ID