Welcome to the urgent care clinic. You will provide urgent care to established patients of primary care group physicians and resident physicians. Housestaff and faculty PCG patients are either self-referred or physician-referred to UC for acute, non-emergent problems.


  • Diagnose and manage common acute diseases encountered in the ambulatory setting.
  • Learn to triage patients to the appropriate settings, i.e., inpatient services, the emergency room, or outpatient follow-up.
  • Develop skills with common ambulatory procedures such as pelvic exams, I & D, joint aspirations and injections, etc.
  • Use the medical literature to support clinical decision making.
  • Learn appropriate telephone evaluation and follow up.
  • Function as an advocate for the patient.

Clinic Days & Times:  Please arrive on time!!!

Monday through Friday (appointment only), 8:00 AM – last patient seen. Afternoon starts at 1:00 PM – last patient seen (around 5 or 6); Saturday 8:00 AM-12:00 PM.

Staff and phone numbers:

The staff members in urgent care are very knowledgeable and are an invaluable resource.

UC desk: 5-3379


Document a brief note in Epic using the “urgent care” note template.  Then forward your note to the attending and the PCP for the patient (in patient follow-up tab).  Do NOT close the encounter; the attending will do this for you.


Find Urgent care schedule under DCAM Internal Medicine – Urgent Care clinic. Open patient encounters from this schedule

Follow up:

Keep a log of the patients you see and follow up on all tests you order on patients.  Add addendum to urgent care notes with phone call or follow letter results. Interns can also use a telephone note if the urgent care encounter is already closed. Telephone encounters and addendums can be closed by residents.


EKG, urinalysis, urine pregnancy, and some meds can be ordered and provided in the clinic. Please make clinic staff aware what you need and they will help you.