Global Health Track: Online Module Curriculum


Required curriculum:

Part 1 and Part 2 of the following module must be completed prior to your Global Health elective, and Part 3 must be completed after your Global Health elective. A certificate is NOT required, and therefore the course is free.


The Practioner’s Guide to Global Health

  • Part 1: The Big Picture
  • Part 2: Preparation and on the Ground
  • Part 3: Reflection – “Reverse Culture Shock”


Optional Curriculum:

The following modules are recommended, but not required for completion of the Global Health Track. Certificates are NOT required, and therefore the courses are free.


Global Health Case Studies from a Biosocial Perspective


Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety

  • Lesson 1: Burden
  • Lesson 2: Measurement
  • Lesson 3: Standards
  • Lesson 4: Improvement
  • Lesson 5: IT and Data
  • Lesson 6: Management
  • Lesson 7: Patients
  • Lesson 8: Public Systems