Drivers Rehabilitation

The drivers program is conducted by an occupational therapist and a certified driver instructor and consists of a clinical evaluation, as well as a behind-the-wheel evaluation. The client is assessed on basic driving skills in various traffic and road conditions and his/her ability to use adaptive equipment safely in the car.

A board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician is available on site.

For more information or to schedule call: (708)915-4713


Ingalls Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation (ICOR)

16246 Prince Drive

South Holland, IL 60473

Evaluations take place on Fridays from 7:30am-2:30pm

Cost is $300 for the clinical evaluation and $120 for the behind-the-wheel evaluation. Currently, there is no insurance coverage for this type of evaluation.



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Congrats to our new firm leaders!Image result for celebration emoji

Firm A:

  • PGY3: Keely Browning (GME committee leader) and Elizabeth Munroe (clinic leader)
  • PGY 2: Kent Brummel
  • PGY 1: Ashley Smith-Nunez

Firm B:

  • PGY3: Chris Frohne (GME committee leader) and Josh Katz (clinic leader)
  • PGY 2: Maria Maldonado
  • PGY 1: Ellen Daily

Firm C

  • PGY3: Ernesto Llano (GME committee leader) and Natalie Tapaskar/Jen Houpy (clinic leaders)
  • PGY2: Hannah Roth
  • PGY 1: Marie Dreyer & Dennis Wang







Updated SW contact:

Daviel, our new social worker in PCG, can be reached at 773.834.6240 or pager 5493.

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