Urgent Care Clinic

Orientation Information


  • Goal of Urgent Care: To provide access within 24 hrs of request to patients who have medical needs when their PCP is not available. Patients who are established in the practice but whose PCP has left can be seen and any University employee can be seen
  • The scheduling patterns are based on the following principles:
    • An intern can see 6-8 patients in a session of UC
    • An attending that has 2 interns can also see 2-3 patients independently
  • The scheduling patterns are as follows
    • 1 attending + 3 or more interns = 18 appointments
    • 1 attending + 2 interns = 15 appointments
    • 2 attendings + 3 or more interns = 20 appointments
    • 2 attendings + 2 interns = 18 appointments
    • 2 attendings + 0 interns = 15 appointments
    • 3 attendings + 0 interns = 18 appointments
  • Guidelines
    • No overbooking without the urgent care attending approval
    • When there are only two interns or more than one attending, the attendings are expected to see patients independently of the interns. The attendings should divide these patients up equally
    • Interns need to be out of urgent care for noon conference and should be released so they can arrive on time. If possible, interns should attend morning report, but this is not required.
    • Urgent Care starts at 1pm, but interns may not finish Intern Lectures until 1:15. Interns should go to urgent care directly from lecture. The attendings should arrive on time and see patients before the interns arrive if necessary