Global Health Track


Global Health Track Objectives:

  • Support the development of culturally-competent physicians
  • Raise awareness of healthcare disparities, both locally and internationally
  • Expose residents to sustainable Global Health practices
  • Increase involvement of residents in the local and/or international community
  • Provide supportive and immersive experiences that expose residents to multiple facets of Global Health


Global Health Track Requirements:

  • Completion of at least 10 community service hours per year through volunteering in the local community or an international opportunity.
  • Participation in at least one underserved elective, either locally or internationally.

Elective Options:

Below are the following sites have an established relationship with UCMC, or a current/recent graduate of UCMC. If you are interested in any of the following sites, please let us know. With the proper evaluation and approval, you may also arrange an elective at a site that is not listed below. The University of Chicago’s Center for Global Health has a vast portfolio of international connections which has been useful to residents in exploring opportunities.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Molepolole, Botswana

Cook County Jail Correctional Medicine – Chicago, IL

Beijing, China

Rosebud Indian Reservation, Rosebud, SD

Arusha, Tanzania


How to apply:

While anyone interested in participating in the Global Health Track may participate, we require a formal application process in order to both solidify your commitment to the track, and to begin the necessary process of reflection prior to any Global Health experiences. To apply, please send a letter of intent to Dr. John McConville ( Please include in your letter: your motivations to do Global Health, any prior experiences within Global Health, and any hopes or expectations that you have to accomplish either within the Global Health track or a future career within Global Health.