The intern Focused Cardiac Ultrasound curriculum is underway! The components of this curriculum will primarily focus on several key aspects: acquisition and interpretation of basic but high yield cardiac ultrasound images. Through proctored based learning, you will acquire the technical skills of how to obtain the four evidence-based views:

  • parasternal long
  • parasternal short
  • subcostal
  • Inferior Vena Cava (IVC)

Along with proctored learning you will also have access to case file videos and corresponding interpretations. As part of the cardiology rotation curriculum, you will be paired with a proctor in order to ensure adequate “hands on” time.  More details on scheduling to follow.



To access the post-test, please click HERE.  NOTE, several questions will reference videos/pictures, please find those below:

Question 3 and 5


Image Practice:

LA Size: normal, LVEF: normal (>50%), LVW thickness: normal, Pericardial Effusion: none, RV Size: Non-enlarged