If a patient is readmitted within 72 hours of discharge from a Housestaff service, they should return to the primary team that discharged the patient as long as that team’s senior resident is present to accept the patient.

Bounceback patients should re-enter the general call pool and be triaged by 9100 to the appropriate on-call team if any of the following criteria are met:

  • The team’s senior resident is gone for the day. The patient should not be held on the general medicine floor for the original provider to return the following day (no overnight holdovers).
  • The previous senior resident has rotated off of the service.
  • The senior resident or his/her intern is capped (20 per senior, 10 per intern)


If the bounceback occurs on the senior resident’s call day, the patient will count towards the resident’s team admission cap for the day.

There is no perfect set of rules for bouncebacks. If there is any confusion on this situation, please page the CROC.


Updated: 3/25/2022