Within in the program: You may always reach out to Dr. McConville or any of the chief residents, at any time.

UCM Ombudspersons – These are faculty members that serve as student/resident advocates and as confidential and private sounding boards regarding experiences at University of Chicago. They will also investigate and resolve complaints of mistreatment or other issues and abuses.


Sonali Paul

Shellie Williams Steven Zangan
Department of Medicine; Center for Liver Diseases Department of Medicine Department of Radiology



Post-Call Uber/Lyfts – If you are too exhausted to drive after a 28h call, please do not hesitate to call a Lyft or Uber to get home. This ride will be fully reimbursed by our program. We would rather you be safe!

UCM Security Escort – If you ever feel unsafe or feel a need for a security escort to a UCM campus location or parking structure, security is available 24/7. Call 773-702-6262 to parking structures and 773-702-8181 for other locations.

UChicago Safe App – Download this app! It allows you to be up to date on safety alerts, report tips, chat with UCPD.

Additional information:

Mental Health

The Dept of Psychiatry prioritizes YOU! – If you are interested in making an appointment with a mental health specialist, please feel free to reach out to our very own Psychiatry team. While there can be long waitlists for others outside the university, UChicago employees are prioritized for appointments. Additionally, they can help refer you to outside providers if you are interested.

You may reach out to Dr. Laiteerapong at to help get you connected. 

Other resources:

Employee Assistance Program

This is a benefit offered by UChicago Medicine for residents/fellows and their family members. It is a no-cost, confidential resource designed to help people with the challenges of daily living, such as stress, conflict, relationships, financial issues, child/elder care needs, legal assistance, etc. Assessment, referral, short-term counseling (when indicated) and follow-up are available through in-person appointments, telephone counseling, texting or video counseling. Licensed professional counselors are available by phone or text 24/7 at 800-456-6327 or via chat through the Perspectives SPARK app or website. Self-directed information and resources are also available on Perspectives mobile friendly website. To access Perspectives Online, go to and enter Username:UCH001/Password: perspectives

Helpful apps:

Mini Diary / Other journaling apps





BetterHelp – not sure how UCM insurance covers. Can use FSA $$

Physical Health

Doctor’s Appointments – for PCP and specialty care, GME has set up the Resident Health Initiative (responsive M-F 8-4:30) to help prioritize your requests for appointments.

-Standard request: email, subject line should state “Appointment request” and body of the email should include your name, DOB, call back name and number, reason for visit and name of insurance. Expect a call back within 4 hrs.

-Urgent request: text page 9800, include a call back name and number. Expect a call back within 30 min during business hours.


Occupational Health

Located in room D-136. Hours are M-F 7:15am-4pm. 773-702-6757. This is where you can receive immunizations, health screenings, annual fit testing and treatment for work related injuries.

All work related injuries (including needle sticks):

-IF due to blood borne pathogen exposure material (needle stick, sharps injury, splash or contact w/ possible infectious blood/fluid), page needle-stick hotline immediately at 188-9990, follow instructions to on-call clinician.

-For other work related injuries, must immediately obtain medical eval at UCOM during regular business hours. IF it is closed and immediate medical attention is required (ie life, limb or organ threatening injuries), can report to CCD ED and follow up at UCOM during clinic hours the next day of operation. Otherwise, report to UCOM the following day.

-ALL injuries, including blood borne pathogen exposures must be reported to the work injury reporting line at 480-270-6839. If the injury is not reported, benefits and/or payment of bill may be delayed or denied.



UofC Gym Access – Residents can join The Ratner Center (pool, fitness center, gym, sauna, indoor track, squash, racquetball courts, fitness center, basketball, cardio equipment) at a discounted rate (~$17/month for a very nice university gym).

Important Lectures

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07/10/19 Fatigue in Residency Training

10/03/19 Physician Financial Planning

01/30/20 Physician Impairment and Substance Abuse

04/15/20 Sexual Harassment Training and Video

05/15/20 Schwartz – In Challenging Times