Sub-I Medicine Clerkship Policy

  • The subintern will write admission and daily progress notes in EPIC.
  • Residents can now attest a student note; specific guidelines must be followed
    • The resident must directly observe and be present with the subintern performing their history and physical
      • In order to attest the admission note, the resident must be present when the subintern performs the admission history and physical
      • In order to attest daily progress notes, the resident must work round with the subintern, therefore being present for the daily history and physical
    • Use the following attestation: .resstudentattestinp (I was present with the medical student on {DATE PATIENT WAS SEEN BY ME} who participated in the documentation of the note.  I personally evaluated the patient, reviewed the student’s note and agree with the findings and plan as written
      • Residents should either edit the subintern’s note or write an addendum as necessary for accuracy
    • If the resident is not present and does not directly observe the subintern, the resident must write his/her own note
  • The subintern should take the lead with regard to performing the history and physical; the goal is not for the students to observe the residents!
  • Subinterns will be instructed to route all notes to their residents.
  • The resident is responsible for all coding queries and discharge summaries.
  • Attendings will be responsible for notes on resident days off.


Sub-I Pagers

  • The Resident should sign into the designated resident pager daily.
  • The Sub-I should sign into the designated subintern pager daily.
  • The Sub-I GROUP pager should be used as the First Contact Provider. No one should directly sign into this pager. It should be listed as “in on page.” Pages sent to the GROUP pager will go to both the designated Resident and Sub-I pagers.
  • For acuity reasons, the Sub-I in the MICU will not be signed into FCP.
Sub-I GROUP pager (use as FCP) Resident Pager Sub-I Pager
General Medicine Gens Team B Intern 3, 4000 Gens Team B Resident, 8753 Gens Team B Subintern, 8765
Gens Team A Sub-I Group 11088 Gens Team A Resident 7644 Gens Team A Subintern 30004
Cardiology  Cardiology Team A Sub I Group, 11107 Cardiology Team A Resident, 30005 (pw 30005) Cardiology Team A Subintern, 30006 (pw 30006)