Please complete the above elective rotation form and return it to Mateo Bautista ( in A710 two weeks prior to the start of the elective (no later than the 1st day of each elective block).

The form must be filled out and signed by 1) you, 2) the faculty member you will be working with (if applicable), and 3) either a chief resident or Dr. McConville. In addition, we must receive an evaluation form from your preceptor following the completion of your elective (if applicable). We will send the form via email.

The elective forms are necessary to document that you used this time as part of your residency training. If it is not completed, the ABIM may find you ineligible to sit for the Boards and Board Certification. Also, you will not be able to participate in extra service pay shifts during your elective time if this form is not completed.

Ideas for elective rotations:

  1. International elective
  2. Research
  3. Clinical elective in subspecialty area
    1. If wishing to do inpatient or outpatient consult services that residents routinely rotate on, please consult with chiefs first to ensure availability
    2. Residents can also create their own clinical elective
  4. CORE center
  5. Reading – Not encouraged; if you choose to do a reading elective, you must produce an annotated bibliography with a summary of every article read during the rotation in place of the faculty signature and evaluation form
  6. Taking USMLE Step 3 – No faculty signature or evaluation form required if proof of exam date submitted to Courtney Dineen.
  7. ABIM board preparation for PGY3’s or Med-Peds PGY4’s – No faculty signature or evaluation form required.
    • Studying for ABIM boards is an option for elective time only after January 1st in your graduating year.
    • In order to receive credit, you must submit screenshots or MKSAP portfolio documentation of your progress.
    • Two weeks of elective credit will be granted for completion of at least three sections of MKSAP questions or Screenshot documentation showing completion of 300 questions during this time.

If you are going to be doing an away elective and will need your clinics adjusted to allow for the time you will be away, you will need to submit your elective form together with your clinic schedule requests no later than 4 months ahead of time.  You will also need to complete paperwork to extend your malpractice coverage for the duration of your elective period, the GME office will not accept or process your paperwork if it is not handed in 2 months before your away elective dates. Please contact Courtney at for the paperwork and information on this process.

IMR elective rotations timeline:
1) Determine what you will be doing for your elective rotation in advance
2) Complete and submit signed Elective Form (before 1st day of elective)
3) Delinquent elective form reminder (2nd day of elective)
4) Evaluation form sent to faculty preceptor (last day of elective) – if applicable
5) Faculty to submit evaluation form reminder (2 weeks after elective) – if applicable