Core Policy Regarding Off-Duty Activities and Extra Service Pay

The below Extra Service Pay Agreement needs to be signed and returned to Courtney Dineen or the Chiefs along with a copy of your ACLS card. Please complete this at the beginning of each academic year.

Extra Service Pay Agreement 2021-22

Because residency education is a full-time endeavor, the program director must ensure that extra service pay activities do not interfere with the ability of the resident to achieve the goals and objectives of the educational program.

The program director and resident must comply with the sponsoring institution’s written policies and procedures regarding extra service pay, in compliance with the ACGME Institutional Requirements. Some of the University of Chicago Hospitals policies about extra service pay are outlined below:

Extra Service Pay refers to educational activity not considered a required experience in the curriculum of the Approved Training Program.

The following elements are applicable to Extra Service Pay:

  1. Prior written permission by the Program Director is required.
  2. Professional activity is performed under supervision of an attending physician.
  3. Educational activity is performed in facilities and settings under corporate ownership of UCMC.
  4. Compliance with ACGME duty hour standards must occur.
  5. Residents/fellows may not be compelled or required to participate in activities for Extra Service Pay.
  6. The Program must monitor the effect of Extra Service Pay on overall performance. Adverse effects may lead to withdrawal of permission.
  7. Institutional leadership reserves the right to independently monitor the effects of participation in Extra Service Pay activities on performance. When appropriate, UCMC’s Designated Institutional Official (“DIO”) may notify the Program Director that participation in Extra Service Pay activities must be curtailed or eliminated.
  8. PGY-1s are not eligible for Extra Service Pay.
  9. Payment is processed through UCMC payroll.

The Internal Medicine Training Program allows its residents to earn extra money through patient care activities affiliated with the program. These activities are purely voluntary; one is not obliged to participate. Although not required, these activities are part of the training program and all training program rules regarding attending physician consultation and supervision apply to these activities.  All provisions of the housestaff contract also apply to these activities.  Please pay close attention to the eligibility criteria outlined above.

Eligibility for University of Chicago Internal Medicine Residents:

  • Since January 2018, extra service pay eligibility has been linked to conference attendance. Residents will be expected to attend 50% of morning report conferences (on all rotations excluding vacation, elective-I, nightfloats, MICU Bridge, and ED) and 75% of ambulatory conferences in order to be eligible to participate in extra service pay opportunities.  Obviously, extenuating circumstances (family events, emergencies, etc.) will occur, and we will make exceptions as needed. Eligibility will be evaluated every 6 months. For those who do not initially meet eligibility criteria to participate in extra service pay opportunities, an appeal can be made after three months.
  • You must consistently log duty hours (defined as > 90% of the 2-week blocks for the current academic year) to be eligible for extra service pay (starting 8/2019). You also MUST log your duty hours for all extra pay service shifts in MedHub, in addition to logging your residency duty hours.
  • A resident is eligible to participate in extra service pay shifts in the hematology/oncology, MICU or Hospitalist paid positions during Ambulatory, Consult Services or Electives provided they have no other program responsibilities (MROC, ID Saturday, jeopardy, etc).
  • A resident is NOT eligible to participate in any extra service pay shifts during the following rotations: IMR Inpatient rotations (General Medicine, Cardiology, CCU, Hematology/Oncology, Hospitalist, MICU, and CCU Day Float) and Emergency Medicine Rotations.
  • A resident CANNOT do an overnight paid extra service pay shift when they have their continuity clinic the following afternoon.
  • A resident cannot miss consult service time or ambulatory lecture for extra service pay shifts.
  • A resident is NOT eligible to do extra service pay shifts while on jeopardy.
  •  A resident’s participation in extra service pay shifts must abide by the ACGME duty hour regulations: weekly work hours less than 80 hours averaged over 2 weeks, consecutive work hours no more than 24 hours, one 24 hour period off in 7 averaged over 4 weeks.
  • In order to participate in the hematology/oncology, MICU or Hospitalist extra service pay shifts a Request Form for Approval of Extra Service Activities Inside the Training Program (see the Extra Service Pay Agreement above) must be filled out.
  • Residents must also be currently certified in ACLS training and have a copy of their card on file with the Internal Medicine Residency Program.
  • If a resident cannot work an extra service pay shift, they must communicate this to the extra service pay shift leadership and attempt to find coverage in accordance with the policies of the hematology/oncology, MICU, and hospitalist medicine sections. Residents cannot trade coverage for extra service pay shifts to other residents for required residency shifts and cannot complete extra service pay shifts in anyone else’s name.

WARNING:  Housestaff working extra service pay shifts in violation of the eligibility criteria detailed above forfeit all payment for those services rendered and risk disciplinary action for unprofessional behavior.

*Note that core policies are those required by the ACGME.  Many core policies will also be found embedded in the text of the University of Chicago, Internal Medicine Residency handbook

Updated 6/11/2021