Use of ACP Senior Resident Honorarium

Updated: February 2020

Purpose: To establish guidelines regarding the use of the ACP Travel Honorarium made available to all residents who are scheduled to complete three years of the internal medicine residency.  Preliminary interns are not eligible.
Policy: The travel honorarium was established to encourage senior resident attendance at the American College of Physicians annual meeting and to assist in financing the trip.  All residents who are scheduled to complete three years of the internal medicine residency are eligible for a $950.00 honorarium.  For those unable to attend the ACP meeting, the honorarium may be used to attend an alternative conference at the program’s discretion.  This must be approved in advance by the program director.
  1. Registration for the entire conference (3 days*) is mandatory.
  2. Transportation covered by the honorarium includes coach airfare only, as well as transfers in limousine or taxi to and from an airport.  Reasonable tips are included.
  3. If you choose to drive instead of flying, a personal auto will be reimbursed at the rate of $0.55/mile.  This covers all operating cost including gasoline.  Additional fees such as tolls, parking charges, etc., will be reimbursed in addition to the above rate.  Total transportation cost may not exceed the cost of round-trip airfare.
  4. Rail reimbursement will be given for the lowest cost rail fare, which may not exceed the cost of air travel.
  5. Lodging covered by the honorarium includes standard accommodations in reasonably priced first class (AAA) hotels and motels, telephone charges related to travel or to the conference, and baggage handling, storage, and tipping.
  6. Meals covered by the honorarium will be reimbursed. Reimbursement for meals may not exceed the per diem meals and incidentals reimbursement rate for that city and state.  This information can be found at the U.S. General Services Administration.  Upon entering the site, click on the state where you will be traveling and a list will pop up of major cities located in that state along with each corresponding per diem meals and incidentals reimbursement rate.  All meal charges must include the original itemized bill and charge card receipt.
  7. Miscellaneous expenses covered by the honorarium include conference registration fees, business telephone calls, and any telephone call required to make travel arrangements.
  8. Transportation expenses that are not covered by the honorarium include first class airfare, travel insurance premiums, auto repair/damage to either personal or rented automobiles, parking tickets, traffic tickets, rental cars, and federal, state, and local taxes on the above travel cost.
  9. Lodging expenses not covered by the honorarium include luxury accommodations, personal phone calls, parking charges (unless you chose to drive instead of flying) miscellaneous room charges not otherwise specified herein, and lost or stolen baggage.
  10. Other expenses not covered by the honorarium include alcoholic beverages, personal entertainment expenses (including cover charges), gifts, candy, gum, laundry and dry cleaning expenses, travel expenses for spouses and other dependents, loss or damage to personal property, and all reservation and cancellation charges.
  11. Required documentation must be submitted before reimbursement.  These include original receipts, cancelled checks, or credit card receipts.  Exceptions to written documentation may be submitted in lieu of original receipts.  Written reports should include details of the cost and nature of the expense, in addition to an explanation of why the original documents were not submitted.  Receipts that fail to document acceptable expenses may be refused.
  12.  Expense reports for the ACP meeting will not be submitted until after the meeting.
  13. Expense reports will be processed in 7-10 working days.
  14. Original receipts will not be returned.
  15. Reimbursement requests must be submitted by June 15th to count for the current academic year.
  16. Required documentation should be submitted to Tharrie in A-7.

*You may not register for only 1 day or register as a guest of another member. Incomplete registration will result in no reimbursement for any component of the trip.