Step 3 Policy


Basic Info

  • This is a two day exam. Scheduling the exam takes time, so start early!
  • You should plan to take Step 3 during your PGY2 year.
  • On average, score reporting takes 3-4 weeks, but can take longer (up to 8 weeks), so please plan ahead! You will need Step 3 scores in your PGY3 year to begin the application for your permanent medical license.
  • Visit the USMLE Step 3 site for more information, available HERE

Scheduling Logistics

  • Please schedule Step 3 during rotations with flexible schedules, such as elective-I, elective-O, or vacation
  • You should not schedule Step 3 while on inpatient rotations or ambulatory rotations (including Urgent Care, Geriatrics, ED, and jeopardy)
  • If you schedule Step 3 during elective-O, it is your responsibility to select dates that do not conflict with your continuity clinic or ambulatory teaching
    • Step 3 is not an acceptable reason to reschedule clinics and is not an acceptable reason to miss ambulatory lectures
  • Please remember to submit other schedule requests (MROC, MIOC) if needed