How to create an Individualized Pain Plan

  • Calculate long and short acting PO
    • Calculate total 24 hour opiate use in hospital in MME’s
    • Prescribe 40% total dose as scheduled, 40% PRN
  • Discuss with patient – make an agreement
  • Add “Opioid Use Agreement Exists” to Problem List
  • Fill in IPP Chart using smartphrase “. SCDOPIOIDUSEAGREEMENT”

Make a follow up appointment!

If patient can follow here, you can page the MedPeds transition team at 7337

Make follow-up within 7-14 days!

  • Patricia Chapman-Kelly in Heme/Onc
  • Dr. Abou Baker or any Med-Peds resident in PCG
  • Dr. Vinny DiMaggio at FFHC, 55th and Cottage Grove
    • Provide patient with number to Friends Family Health Center (773-702-0660)
    • Medicaid patients accepted