Inpatient Days Off (Medical Students)

We expect students to work 6 days a week and get 1 day off per week. They should usually get a weekend day off when they are neither on call or post call.  When the team is on call on Saturday, you should work with the student to find a week day they can take as a day off. They should not have a day off on a day they have clinic or other educational responsibilities. If you are not on call or post call over a weekend (following a Q4 or Q5, Thursday night call), it is up to you which day they work. They should really act as the primary care-taker for their patients, thus we expect them to work one of the two days. They will have other additional days off scheduled during the quarter. On the oncology service, students should generally have Sundays off. They may have Saturday off if there is a particular reason.


If there is confusion, please contact the clerkship director.