The leukemia inpatient team is comprised of an attending physician, 1st-year fellow, APPs (both NPs and PAs); residents may rotate on the leukemia service as an elective

Resident expectations:

  • Residents will follow up to 2-3 patients
  • Goal is for the resident is to develop skills pertinent to the acute management of patients with leukemia or myeloid diseases along with learning the decision-making around diagnostic workup and treatment recommendations pertinent to a patient’s malignancy
  • Residents will serve as FCP for patients they are following. This includes presenting patients on rounds, writing daily progress notes, placing orders, completing team sign out in Epic, and calling consults. When a resident has mandatory didactics, the FCP role will be covered by an APP until the resident returns from didactics
  • Residents are welcome to watch procedures occurring on the inpatient leukemia service including bone marrow biopsies and lumbar punctures with intrathecal chemotherapy
  • The fellow should play an active role in helping to determine which patients the resident on service will be following. Ideally this should be a mix of patients with a new diagnosis of acute leukemia and those admitted with complications related to disease or therapy

Expected workflow (Monday – Friday):

  • Sign-out from the night team to the day team occurs at 7am.
  • Morning rounds will begin between 8am-8:30am each day and are expected to conclude by 11:30am.
  • Multi-disciplinary rounds with case management and social work occur via zoom ~11:00am and resident should plan to join and offer relevant updates for their patients
  • Afternoons are typically reserved for patient care, reviewing pathology slides with hematopathology, and teaching
  • Resident can sign out patients to APP at 5pm if all active patient issues for the day have been addressed and documentation is complete
  • Residents are expected to join the weekly leukemia conference that occurs on Tuesdays at 1:00pm and stay on for the discussion of inpatients, new patients seen in clinic, and upcoming admissions
  • If a resident has interest in spending a half-day in clinic during the two-week rotation then please email Anand Patel ( to arrange this
  • If a resident has other responsibilities (eg MROC, jeopardy) that will not allow them to be present on rounds please communicate to the inpatient leukemia team as far in advance as possible


Updated 07/15/2022