Welcome to the new ultrasound website! Below you will find a listing of what will hopefully be high-yield resources – we will update often, and please send any suggestions to the Chiefs. Enjoy!

Program Ultrasound Logistics

The program has purchased two ultrasound machines to assist residents with bedside diagnosis, insertion of IV’s, and emergency procedures. To ensure appropriate use of this tool, we have created the following policies and sign-out sheets.

Policies and FAQ for use of the Internal Medicine ultrasound machines

Additional sign-out sheets for TC519A and CCD 10-475

Ultrasound Pocketcards 

Bedside DVT screening

IVC measurements for fluid responsiveness

Helpful Websites

westernsono.ca: Great website with tutorials and cases galore.

criticalecho.com: Pretty much every tutorial, video and sample image that you could ever want.

Chest Ultrasound Corner: Ultrasound-based clinical cases. Lots of interesting images and unusual diagnoses.

Related Literature

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IVC Measurement

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